Summer sports

Golfing, hang gliding & paragliding in the Hohe Tauern National Park

Spend your next vacation in the Hohe Tauern National Park region and experience summer sports in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Austria. Whether alone, with friends or family - everyone will find their own personal summer adventure here. Book now and get ready for unforgettable experiences in Carinthia.

Since the dawn of mankind, people have dreamed of flying. In the Hohe Tauern National Park region, this dream becomes reality.
Golfing and the National Park, does that go together? And how it goes together.

Golf courses

Summer sports highlight: golfing and golf vacation in a breathtaking natural setting

Golfing in harmony with the nature of the national park - and how that fits together! In the Hohe Tauern National Park region, the two exquisite golf clubs Drautal Berg and Mölltal not only offer challenging fairways and greens, but also breathtaking views of the surrounding natural landscape. The Drautal Berg golf club in particular, idyllically situated on the banks of the Drau, blends harmoniously into the beautiful natural scenery of the Drau Valley, one of the most ecologically valuable river courses in Central Europe. Golfers here not only enjoy the sport, but also the unspoiled nature that makes this place so unique.

A summer sports vacation in the Hohe Tauern National Park region offers the rare opportunity to combine a passion for golf with a love of nature. Embedded in the spectacular landscape of Carinthia, you can experience golfing as part of an active summer vacation that combines relaxation, sporting challenge and immersion in the fascinating flora and fauna of the national park. Discover the variety of summer sports in this breathtaking region and turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience where golf and the nature of the national park are in perfect harmony.

Golf Club Drautal Mountain

The Drautal Berg Golf Club is located right next to the Drau, making the most of the beautiful river landscape. Experts say: "Anyone who has ever played in Berg will always appreciate this golf course, which is one of the most beautiful 9-hole golf courses in Austria." We agree, because both beginners and golf experts will find what they are looking for at Golfclub Drautal Berg.

The courses have interesting names. The wooded hole "La Forester" requires a clever golfer and "The Monster" lives up to its name. The course "Tiefer Graben" does not forgive too many mistakes and anyone who has ever stood at the tee of "Adlerhorst" directly between the rock face and the river will not soon forget the beautiful landscape.

The golf coach is Mark Stuckey, Head Pro of the GC Drautal/Berg. The US-born American offers taster courses, individual training and targeted course maturity courses in which you can lay the foundation for a long golf career.

Facts & Figures Golfclub Drautal Berg

Mölltal Golf Club

Since 2016, the driving range practice facility in Mölltal welcomes you and offers great conditions for golfers of all skill levels with tees, putting green, pitching green and chipping green. Look forward to a practice area with a 320 m2 putting green and a driving range with a sensational view. But that's not all, the course program and the gastronomy additionally enhance the offer.

After the golf game it's time to enjoy and indulge yourself. Visit the Pristavec restaurant and bar and look forward to international dishes, barbecues, pizza or fish specialties.

Facts & Figures Golfclub Mölltal

Even more golf around

In addition to the two golf clubs Mölltal and Drautal Berg, there are other attractive golf courses in the immediate vicinity. At the Golfclub Millstätter See you can enjoy great views over the lake, while at the Golfclub Bad Kleinkirchheim you are more likely to be thrilled by views of the Nockberge mountains. The town of Lienz is located in neighboring East Tyrol and also offers a great opportunity for sporty golf days on vacation with the Golflcub Dolomitengolf .

Hang gliding and paragliding

The dream of flying - a special kind of summer sport

People have always dreamed of flying, and in the Hohe Tauern National Park region this age-old dream is being turned into reality.

The Emberger Alm flying area, located high above the Drau Valley, is not only considered one of the most beautiful flying areas in Europe, but also the perfect place for a special kind of summer sports vacation. Thanks to the impressive infrastructure and a scenic and thermally attractive flying site, you can experience unforgettable flying adventures on the southern side of the Alps.

A vacation in this region therefore not only offers the opportunity to pursue the dream of flying, but also combines this experience with the beauty and variety of summer sports amidst the breathtaking scenery of the national park.

Turn your vacation in the Hohe Tauern National Park region into an unforgettable experience that combines a passion for flying with a love of nature and a wealth of summer sports activities.

Discover the flying area Emberger Alm.

1720 m above sea level
Starting point SW Emberger Alm
1860 m above sea level
Starting point SO Emberger Alm
610 m above sea level
Landing site Greifenburg

Flyers watch out - it goes to the Emberger Alm

The take-off possibilities on the Emberger Alm are manifold and extend over wide alpine meadows above the tree line up to the so-called Naßfeldriegel. The entire terrain is oriented towards the SE and, in combination with the reliable thermals, offers great conditions for practice as well as cross-country flights. Pleasure pilots and flying beginners will also get their money's worth in the Drau Valley. Extensive take-off and landing areas and altitude differences between 1,120 and 1,250 meters ensure a variety of flying experiences with hang gliders and paragliders.

From beginner to professional

In various local flight schools, beginners and those who have just been infected with the flying virus can get to grips with the subject in courses and training sessions. Experts impart theoretical knowledge about flying before they take their students to one of the launch sites and the first flight attempts are made. At the cozy thermal meeting on site or at the flying camp in Greifenburg you can meet your peers and exchange ideas. The Drau Valley: the "place to be" for athletes of the skies.

Facts & hints about the Emberger Alm

This is what the expert on site says

"Whether with hang gliders or paragliders, the flying area Emberger Alm is simply sensational. Beginners who want to collect their first distance kilometers feel just as comfortable here as professionals who want to overcome distances of up to 300 km on cross-country flights. If I didn't live and work in the Drau Valley, I would probably move here to be able to fly here every day ...!"