Gorges, gorges & waterfalls

The water always finds its way in the Hohe Tauern National Park

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of gorges & waterfalls in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Carinthia. Discover breathtaking natural spectacles that have been shaped by the power of water over thousands of years. From rushing waterfalls to deep gorges, our region offers everything for lovers of unique nature experiences. Plan your visit to these unique locations and let yourself be enchanted by the majestic beauty of these landscapes.

Gorges and ravines

Exciting hikes through gorges & to impressive waterfalls

Immerse yourself in the world of gorges & waterfalls in the Hohe Tauern National Park. The footbridges and trails are your guide to the hidden treasures of Carinthia, where nature unfolds its full splendor. Ideal for adventure seekers and nature lovers who want to explore the spectacular landscapes on vacation in Carinthia. Let yourself be seduced by the majestic beauty of the waterfalls and discover the mysterious gorges on hikes.

Impressive footbridges and paths ...

... ensure that the gorges and ravines are accessible to everyone. Water shapes, water guides, water moves, water changes and water is healthy. Let water show you its world and join us on a journey into a strange, exciting and constantly changing world of rock and water. Follow us through the region's most beautiful gorges and experience impressive waterfalls.

The Möll Gorge - incl. via ferrata

Although it is located very close to the town of Heiligenblut, it was long considered the hidden gorge. By opening it up with a breathtaking via ferrata, the Möll Gorge has become a visitor magnet for climbing fans. It is a particularly impressive via ferrata, which leads through the gorge washed out by the Möll river via 420 m of steel cable and boldly placed rope bridges.

Ragga Gorge - the gorge of gorges

The Ragga Gorge is a real specialty and everyone who pays homage to the Hohe Tauern National Park must have seen this natural spectacle. Where the Raggabach makes its way through the gorge with a wild roar, you no longer understand your own words. The gorge is so narrow that in many places you can't even see the sky. The climbing system that opens up this natural wonder and makes it accessible is a sight in itself. But what are we talking long....come and see!

Groppenstein andRabisch Gorge - with all senses

Here we have two gorges at once, which connect the two national park communities of Mallnitz and Obervellach and together form the longest gorge trail in Carinthia. The "sensory gorges", as the Groppenstein and Rabisch gorges are also often called, inspire with romantic landslide sceneries and fantastic waterfalls; and all this in the shadow of the picturesque Groppenstein Castle. After the long walk through both gorges, the public bus will take you back to Obervellach.

Barbarossa Gorge - a legendary story

Near Mühldorf in the Mölltal valley lies the "little sister" of the Raggaschlucht, whose path is well marked, not to be overlooked. Why Barbarossaschlucht? Emperor Frederick I, called Barbarossa, stopped in the gorge one day on his way back from one of his crusades. Tired from the war and the long journey, he fell asleep together with his warriors when the devil appeared to him. What happened then, you will learn along the fairy-tale gorge trail, an attraction for the whole family.

Ochsenschlucht - unique torrent romance

At the Ochsenschlucht, the Feistritzbach stream emerges from the rock of the Gailtal Alps to the light of day and creates an idyllic water landscape that does not quite fit in with the other gorges in the region. Nevertheless, there is plenty of space for adventurous nature explorations in a natural adventure area and an exciting adventure playground for young and old. Interesting are the bizarre rock towers, which in the course of time have given rise to a unique fauna and flora.

Via ferrata - in the Pirkner gorge

Last but not least, a via ferrata exactly where the Pirkner Bach has "washed" its way through the Gailtal Alps for millions of years. With its deep gorges and waterfalls, the gorge clearly shows who is in charge here. The via ferrata starts at the bottom of the valley and leads its conquerors over great rope bridges and a sporty route to the Rainbow Falls. This bears its name because a rainbow can almost always be seen there due to the incoming sunlight.


The WILD WATERS in theHohe Tauern National Park

The journey of water begins: after the eternal ice on the glacier and firn fields of the Hohe Tauern is melted by the sun and the mountain lakes become too full, the water makes its way down into the valley. In the process, it overcomes many a steep step and terrain edge with breathtaking speed and forms thundering waterfalls that are worth a visit at any time of the year.

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The Gößnitz Falls - Power of Water

Directly in Heiligenblut, located on the shady side, a 100 m high rock face rises. This rock face is divided by a narrow notch: Myths say that a giant cut this into the rock with a large axe. In reality, the Gößnitzbach stream makes its way through the notch and plunges with all its might over a 70-meter-high waterfall to the valley. An impressive natural spectacle that can be marveled at, especially from the viewing platform and the nature trail.

The Maiden's Leap - the power of legend

"A virgin on the run from the devil ..." When a story begins like this, it can only be good. Anyway: the fleeing virgin reaches a precipice and jumps. But she does not fall to her death, but is carried by angels and survives, while the devil looks stupid. Today, the water masses of the Zopenitzenbach fall 130 meters down to the valley at this spot and form the breathtaking "Jungfernsprung". A water miracle trail with top views is included.

At the Gartl waterfall - breathe health

The Gartl waterfall in Großkirchheim is by far not as high or powerful as its well-known neighbors in Heiligenblut, but it is nevertheless a magnet for visitors. The reason for this is its healthy effect. The special microclimate of finely atomized, electrically charged water droplets has a positive effect against stress and burnout symptoms. Already after the third visit near the Gartl waterfall the subjective well-being increases. Try it out!

Rieken waterfall - hidden natural spectacle

From Oberkolbnitz you take a small mountain road to the parking lot of the Zandlacher Hütte. Along a forest road you walk through lush mountain forests along the Riekenbach stream. Over a steep terrain step with the Grübelwand (2,517 m) opposite, you follow a more demanding passage over the so-called Geißrücken. However, quite rewarding, because the remarkable Rieken waterfall shows itself here from close range!