Mountain and alpine huts

Alpine huts, mountain huts and refuges in the Hohe Tauern National Park

When they appear on the scene, the joy is great. Usually located high on the mountain and blessed with the best views, they are not only objects of desire for tired climbers, often they also perform an important protective function and provide shelter: we are talking about MOUNTAIN and PROTECTION HATS.


Alpine, mountain and refuge huts

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They are not always located at the top of the high mountains, often the most beautiful huts are located in alpine areas and offer home for people and animals. They are the center of the alpine economy, which produces the best homemade products and from which every tired and hungry hiker likes to taste. There is no question about it: alpine and mountain huts are part of the mountain experience and are an important part of Austrian alpine culture.

Best location, own production

If a hut is located on an alpine pasture and people and animals live there in harmony with nature, the result is usually excellent products, drinks and food. For a long time, alpine farming ensured survival in the mountains. Today it is experiencing a real renaissance and has more fans than ever. Alpine farming is not only organic, it is also modern and contributes to the special fabric between plants, animals and people.

The perfect end to a breathtaking hike - a break with a regional and seasonal delicacy at a mountain hut in the Carinthian mountains.

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Mountain hut classic alpine history

Around the Großglockner, Austria's highest peak, things look a little different with the huts. The refuges in the high mountains had and have an important protective function for alpinists and mountaineers who need to recharge their batteries during their tours in rock and ice. The Stüdlhütte, the Adlersruhe, the Salmhütte or the Oberwalderhütte are well-known classics around the Großglockner and popular base camps on the way to the summit victory on the 3,798 m high Großglockner.

Bivouacs and self-catering huts

In contrast to rustic alpine huts and top-equipped shelters, bivouacs and self-catering huts offer the necessary protection in case of an emergency. The high mountains are unpredictable and for almost every ambitious alpinist there comes a time when he should prefer a night on the mountain to the descent. For an unforeseen night in the mountains, bivouacs or self-catering huts are excellent. Equipped with the basics of safety and comfort, they usually do not leave much to be desired.

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