ORF production

"Mountain Christmas in Carinthia's Möll Valley"

with friendly support

The fantastic winter scenery of the Mölltal, prominent guests from sports, music and film, traditional customs, crafts and regional cuisine are the focus of Bergweihnacht 2021. The pre-Christmas, 90-minute entertainment program, was broadcast on December 22, at 20:15 on ORF 2.

Bergweihnacht from the Mölltal was produced by Degn Film, with the support of Carinthia Advertising, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, the Province of Carinthia, the European Union and the Hohe Tauern National Park Tourism Region in Carinthia.

The person responsible for the program and scriptwriter Eduard Ehrlich went on the trail of special sounds and places in the Möll Valley. He was accompanied in the presentation of the musical diversity of the valley by Huby Mayer, composer, song creator and founding member of the "Fidelen Mölltaler". Musical participants include "Gschrems", the Flattach hunting horn players and Carinthia's top star Melissa Naschenweng.

87-year-old Anni Pirker of the "Mölltaler Stub'mdichtern" (Möll Valley Innkeepers) reports on the solid cohesion in the valley, "so that the wind doesn't bother us. Heinz, Gerhild and Helene Hartweger from the Moserhof in Penk also talk about the region, its rites and customs, the beauty of the Hohe Tauern National Park and its unique nature; this is also where much of the filming took place. Silvana Saupper wields her paintbrush and wooden spoon, and Carinthian actor and audience favorite Max Müller reveals why he is a Christmas fan.

An atmospheric foray through the Mölltal, the largest valley in Carinthia with the smallest population, through a region with breathtaking nature, the Großglockner and deeply rooted people with their exciting stories.

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