Long-distance hiking in the Hohe Tauern National Park

Long-distance hiking and multi-day tours in the Hohe Tauern National Park

Setting out early in the morning, setting out on the path. Share the journey with others or be completely on your own. In the evening, you haven't reached your destination yet, but tomorrow the journey starts all over again. This is what long-distance hiking feels like, a constant journey to yourself, far more than to your destination. Either around the Glockner or from the eternal ice to the sea, decide for yourself which long-distance hike it should be for you.

Alpe-Adria-Trail - long-distance hiking from the glacier to the sea

43 stages, a total distance of 750 km, from the eternal ice of the Grossglockner to the Adriatic Sea... these are the key data of the Alpe-Adria-Trail. There is no question that this long-distance hiking trail is a very special attraction for long-distance hiking fans. The Alpe-Adria-Trail is a joint project between Austria, Slovenia and Italy and leads through some of the most beautiful landscapes between the mountains and the sea. Those who like to take their time to discover the slowness of "long-distance hiking" are in perfect hands on the Alpe-Adria-Trail.

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Glocknerrunde - 7 days around the Großglockner

In "only" 7 stages the Glocknerrunde makes possible what equates the Großglockner with the Kailash, Mt. Everest and Mont Blanc: it is circumnavigated on a magnificent hike. The route is one of the most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in Austria and crosses the provinces of Salzburg, Tyrol and Carinthia. In designing the trekking circuit, care was taken to ensure that there are no glaciers to cross or rock passages to climb with ropes, but alpine hiking experience, fitness and surefootedness are still basic requirements for walking the stages. Good equipment including crampons or Grödeln for old snow fields, early departure and a close observation of the weather situation are important for an enjoyable and safe Glockner circumambulation.

Wiener Höhenweg - a classic for 80 years

Almost 80 years ago, Viennese mountaineers created the basis for a very special long-distance hiking jewel. The grandiose hiking route of the Wiener Höhenweg leads through the Schobergruppe directly into the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park. On the way, you will encounter an unspoiled landscape that is no longer often seen in our latitudes. In 5 stages you have to cope with altitude differences of up to 750 hm and reach a total of 7 huts for overnight stays.

Tauern High Trail - Mountains at the highest level

The 6 daily stages in the Hohe Tauern National Park region are a challenging crossing of the main Alpine ridge and largely take place on little-used, high Alpine paths. Most of the individual daily stages require absolute surefootedness for long-distance hiking. There are short ridge passages secured by ropes as well as a glaciated section that is not without danger. With the Hocharn, an impressive, glaciated 3,000 m peak is crossed. Only for experienced mountaineers with high alpine experience - but a great experience for them! Less experienced mountaineers are recommended to undertake this tour accompanied by a state-certified mountain guide.

Kreuzeck high trail - in the realm of the silent mountains

The Kreuzeckgruppe is the southernmost mountain group of the Hohe Tauern and is literally "in the shadow" of its famous neighbors. For this reason, many of the tours in the Kreuzeckgruppe, including the Kreuzeck Höhenweg, are real insider tips. The peaks are just below the 3,000 m mark, which costs the area additional attention. However, it is the many small mountain lakes and lonely high cirques that make up the fascination of the Kreuzeck Group and are particularly appealing. Those who embark on the Kreuzeck Höhenweg, a 5-day tour, will enjoy a great nature experience off the beaten and well-trodden mountain paths.